#221 – Who’s That On The Birthday Line?

In the midst of the glorious celebration of life that is my birthday, Dr. Kevin Schmidt barges in over the phone with almost nothing nice to say.  I play your calls to the hotline and check out the Babblin’ & Dabblin’ podcast.  Thanks to those guys for buzzing in and having me on.

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Wear a fucking mask and stay out of bars.  Happy Independence Day.

#220 – Creative Positions & Physical Barriers

Getting in the groove doing the podcasts over the phone.  A guy really wants to shake a hand, allies from unexpected places, Lost Angeles, Family Feud the movie and saying goodbye to a legendary kitty.

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Dial 847-665-9238 and save me from the news cycle.

#219 – DMX Saves The News Cycle

If you’re a long time listener, you know where Tony and I stand.  ION maybe Will Smith does have the answers, an ill timed move to LA, Dolphins still suck and Tony is on twitch going bonkers.

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Dial 847-665-9238 and get involved

Follow Tony on twitch at twitch.tv/nothavingit

Be safe out there folks, just remember it’s 2020 and anything is possible.

#218 – Streaming Pile Of This

Enjoy this 3rd attempt to do the same episode where I ultimately forgot to record quality audio, that people don’t answer random numbers and how to do a podcast. Special thanks to Becky and Adam for picking up the phone and help this train wreck pull into the station.

(847)665-9238 is the number to call if you want to get involved.

#216 – Party Like It’s Tuesday

To celebrate Cinco De Mayo I did a live stream that I don’t remember and then played a conversation Tony and I had just one year ago when everything was still silly.

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Dial 847-665-9238 and keep me company with a voicemail about how you’re doin… please.

#214 – Weekend Live Stream 04/18/20

Join us live at twitch.tv/onegrahamarmy on Friday or Saturday for these live episodes.  I take calls to the hotline at 847-665-9238 and show you all the wacky videos I can’t play for guests right now.  Special thanks to BeBe in Saudi Arabia and Dr. Kevin Schmidt for calling in!

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#213 – All Day Breakfast Fail

Adam joins me on his way to his essential workplace.  We discuss great (and not so great) science fiction and we find out that McDonald is no longer offering all day breakfast at the worst possible time.

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Be safe!

#212 – Talk About Anything Else w/ Tony Baltimore

In the spirit of talking about literally anything else, Tony and I compare and contrast the good the bad and the ugly of Star Trek TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY.  Everyone has a take on what is happening right now so we owe you some good old mindless entertainment.  Stay home if you can.  If not, please be safe.

Dial 847-665-9238 and let me know what you would like us to talk about next!

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