#94 – Graham’s Sunday Address 1/21/2018

Conference championship time means the Super Bowl match up will be revealed, the pro-bowl is not football, Graham is selling his skills on the internet and is sort of sorry for being himself.

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#93 – Graham and Fleaskiii: Asian Pub Owners

The NFL Conference Championships are here and Jacksonville, Florida has an opportunity to improve on being the worst city since Jacksonville, Florida and the NFC Conference Championship Game features two unlikely options at QB.  Bonus:  Some really awful advice on how to survive a nuclear holocaust.

Power Rankings: Moon, Puffin, Racist

#91 – Graham’s Sunday Address 1/7/2018

The NFL playoffs are upon us and it could be a good time to rejoin the circus if you couldn’t stomach the regular season.  In what feels like some kind of upside down Bizarro World, the Bills face off against the Jags in the Xanax and Wine Bowl while the Titans get their affairs in order for their impending execution.  Something, something, NFC South.

#89 – 2017 Year In Review: 2017

Graham sits down to recap the “unique” year in history that is 2017 and remind listeners to reflect on their own trip around the sun, in preparation for the next.  ESPN doesn’t have time for a recap of 2017 because they are so awesome, just ask them.

#88 – Graham and Fleaskiii

Graham can’t shut up about the UFO story being perpetuated by every legitimate news outlet and a totally legit rock star, Fleaskiii updates (gloats to) everyone about the #capfsports Fantasy Football League, some musings on evolution vs life on other worlds, and the Chicago Bears’ impending tilt with the Cleveland Browns.

Power Rankings: Tornado, Fall, Work

#87 – Graham’s Sunday Address 12/17/17

The world is ending (for real this time).  Although, if you really think about it, the world will end one day so it’s always in sort of a constant state of ending. All the while, denizens of Earth plod towards the unpredictable yet inevitable end while relentlessly searching for reasons to hate each other.  Either way, this episode is about UFOs and Japanese Monkeys that bang deer.

#85 – J.D. McGriff

Griff and Graham reunite to discuss the failings of their NFL teams, the puzzling connection between crisis and milk in the American South, the prevalence of the coat and shorts guy and a power rankings that devolves into an admonishment of Major League Baseball that is sure to be revisited.

Power Rankings: Radiation, Stamps, Tradition