#128 – Do The Mathis w/ Dr. Gen. Kevin Schmidt

Recorded while in Chicago for the 4th of July, Dr. Gen. Kevin Schmidt joins us live from the Lawndale Brewing Company to discuss the most recent “news” about LeBron, the horrors of the DH in the National League & the recent appearance of one of our associates on an episode of Judge Mathis.

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Special thanks to Charlie Walden and all the folks over at Possums’ Big Fiddle Show for helping facilitate this historic episode.

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#127 – It Depends Day

We are joined by Tony from Pod Caviar to ease the transition between celebrating the birth of America to the reality of getting back to work.

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#126 – Remember To Blither

So I don’t forget to keep doing this, I talk about my upcoming feature film acting debut, lament the poor quality of my show notes and use a call to the hotline to uncover the connection between all of the world’s sociopolitical turmoil and Major League Baseball’s attempt to install the Designated Hitter in the National League.

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#125 – With Apologies To Mr. Fleaskiii

Fleaskiii returns via the One Graham Army Hotline to discuss Graham’s manic dismissal of the Sports With A Capital F podcast, his impending fatherhood and listen to Graham’s rant about being told to sit down at a baseball game.


#124 – Nuclear War: Not A Great Plan

Tony and Graham attempt to have an all encompassing discussion about the history of nuclear war and humanity’s inability to manage such an awesome responsibility.  We did some of that, but we also found out that any alien visitors to Earth should probably not dress too provocatively in front of Tony.

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#123 – T Flizzy

T Flizzy is a Chicago based MC and long time associate.  He joins us via the One Graham Army hotline to reminisce about the horrors of past behavior, recording techniques of the past and the recent tank theft in Virgina by a National Guard member.

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#122 – Means, Motive & Opportunity: Understanding Conspiracy

You know the drill.  Tony Baltimore is in the house and we discuss what makes a rational person give a conspiracy a second look, the death of special effects at the hands of computers and the entertainment wasteland of the NBA.

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#121 – Heroes Urinate In Bottles w/ Tony Baltimore

Tony sits down to discuss being recklessly single, his relationship with the Spotify Illuminati and the boys share some eye opening realities about military service from well behind the front lines.

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#120 – Live Now, Breed Maybe

Live in the now, dummy.  The past was stupid and the future might be horrifying.  Also, a lesson about the choice to breed from the inbox plus we induct Tommy Lasorda into the One Graham Army Hall of Generals.

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#119 – Incels & Infidels w/ Tony Baltimore

A positive call to the hotline leads to a decent into darkness.  Mentally ill people with internet access are off their meds and multiplying.  Plus, we use an actual book of actual quotes in a new game designed to help us sleep better after the first half of this podcast.