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#270 – Kontraband Fried Chicken

The Aussies are trippin, a corny IG sales pitch exploits 9/11 to sell you life insurance, patriotic D rating and Tony orders some grub.

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#266 – The Crate Escape

There is a new epidemic in America disproportionately affecting minority communities and sweeping the internet. Scott B from Babblin’ & Dabblin’ zooms in to discuss this and much much more. Babblin’ & Dabblin’ is available wherever you get podcasts.

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#264 – Gorilla $tak and Wendy’s Rap

My sides still hurt from this one. This is a proper festival of absurdity as we run the gambit from walking down memory lane to the musical and psychological implications of Wendy’s employee training system. Plus he owed us some music and he explains why we’re still waiting…






262 – Super Secret Mystery Guest



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#261 – Tony’s Theme

Well we didn’t really have anything but fortunately through my musical prowess, some video’s from your Uncle Lou and Tony’s creativity we banged out a better than expected episode this week. Don’t miss it!

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#260 – T.V.P. Freely

People have kinks. Some people’s kink is presenting their kink to the masses disguised as prime time television. Tony joins me for some great reactions to mainstream presentations of perversions from the past and Netflix’s 2021 addition to the genre. Enjoy!

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#257 – A What Of Mayonnaise?

Oh Em Gee Generals!  We’re back in the ministry of silly talk, in person, no mask and swappin’ respiratory droplets.  I wasn’t expecting the learning curve to be so steep trying to do it like this again but there are yucks-o-plenty.

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#256 – The Last Of The Pandemic Whines Part II

Scott from Babblin’ & Dabblin’ and the Five Head Podcast zooms in to be assaulted by the last of my pandy rants and look at some funny stuff.  This is Part 2.

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