#241 – 2020 Year In Review: 2020

I engage in one of the most insufferable acts in all of entertainment, the year in review show.  But this one is good, promise 😉


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Happy New Year, Generals!!

#240 – Tony Baltimore

If your name is Adolf Hitler, change your name.  If you are elected to public office, don’t say “of course I don’t want to subjugate the world”, it makes people nervous.  Plus janky home makeovers, promo codes and more musings on what Graham has learned from 90s employee training videos.

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#239 – Slangin Crystal (Pepsi) Live Stream Audio

Audio from the live stream where we learned how to sell Crystal Pepsi and increase profits.

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#238 – Pandy Makes You Dandy

After months of jumping through hoops to innovate and expand the podcast amidst the litany of obstacles to doing so, I finally just sit down with you and do what I should have been doing this whole time, a podcast.  I get a little introspective and relatable though so listener discretion is advised.

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#237 – Face Ghost Coast To Coast

11 Months in the making, Tony and I finally do a podcast on the internet with normal video and audio. Dolphin awareness (looking at you NFL), Tony’s LA TV debut and… well… you know the drill.

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#236 – Pizza The Hutt Live!

Slightly improved audio from the Historic multi-platform stream enjoyed by 10s of people.  OGA is now streaming live on Facebook, Twitch AND YouTube.  Vintage Pizza Hut training video, lively chat and I may be getting used to these noods.

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#234 – Spicy Noods and Nintendo Rudes

Once again this is just the audio from my last live stream available on YouTube.  Still a pretty good time enjoying the rudest of employee training videos where instead of berating you, Nintendo wants you to know that the customer is always dumb.


#233 – Expensive Hobbies w/ Adam Mitchell

Adam joins me via the One Graham Army hotline to catch up a bit.  Lots of laughs, self diagnosis and the cost of living that pew pew life.

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#232- Podcaviar: The Lost Tapes

Tony has rebooted Podcaviar out in L.A. and to celebrate I’m brining you the lost final episode of Podcaviar ever recorded at the ministry of silly talk.  Recorded in January of 2020 nobody could have guessed how things would play out so it makes for a fun listen.  Plus we are trashed.

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#231 – Hardee’s, Chicken and Beer LIVE!

Thanks to everyone who has been joining us over at twitch.tv/onegrahamarmy for the live streams.  This is the audio from the last stream in which we experience the passive aggressive training techniques for Hardee’s employees and I drink beer and eat fried chicken.  Enjoy!

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