Just pick a position and our simplified draft sheets will help you gauge how early to target the players you prefer!

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Fantasy Hints

Pitchers Parks: @SF , @SD, @LAA, @SEA, @PIT, @TB (Good for pitchers/Bad for hitters)

Hitters Parks: @COL, @ARI, @MIL, @TOR, @TEX, @BOS (Good for hitters/Bad for pitchers)


Not having a good catcher can work to your benefit.

Didn’t get Buster Posey on draft day or the catcher you ended up with blows?

Look at having a bad catcher as a kind of flex spot on your roster that gives you options to squeeze in some additional counting stats on both sides of the diamond!


Team 1Monday 1b-Smoak Tues-Wed Catcher-Cervelli Thurs. 2b/3b-Valencia Fri Spot Start @ SD Sat & Sun Catcher-Derek Norris = 6 almost guaranteed games played of which two are hand picked position players and one hand picked spot start.

Team 2 Rostered catcher misses Mon. or Thurs due to team being off and at least one more day off due to regular catcher rest = 4 to 5 games played by sub par hitter from catcher position.

Team 1 is getting more of those numbers you add together to win.


Keep at least one flex spot.

Even if you cant use your catcher as a flex spot you can easily see how keeping a flex spot is more valuable than a position player or sub par starter on your bench. You don’t get stats from your bench; I put my slots to work every day I can. Trade two good players for one slightly better player if you cant make room. Then you get a useful flex spot and an upgraded starter.

Relievers might contribute…bench players WON’T!

“Equation for Spot Starting Success”

On Good Team + VS. Bad Team + Pitchers park + Good Last Start = Higher Success Rate out of Spot Starts…. Three outta four ain’t bad tho.

Streaming Starters Clinic:

The first thing I look at when streaming a spot start is for available pitching against San Diego in San Diego.

After that I look for guys pitching against struggling teams (click mlb team stats/click runs/look at bottom), starting in a pitchers park, starting for a good team, and lastly, but not leastly, I make sure the guy didn’t get rocked last time out.

On good team + vs. bad team + pitchers park + Good last start = higher success rate out of spot starts…. Three outta four ain’t bad tho.

If your limits are done by innings then you need to be targeting guys who strike out close to a batter an inning.

If it is a start limit league you can use relievers to pad your stats. In standard ESPN leagues, relievers are essentially providing free stats with no game cap penalty; you would be crazy not to at least have 4 relievers going, preferably closers.


If you look at the top team in fantasy across different formats you will notice they usually have a lot of closers. Closers get saves (why not win a category), add to your strikeouts, usually lower your era and whip, and they get wins too! Don’t be the guy who ignores closers.

For a list of all current closers and daily save vultures GO HERE!



If you are between one guy or the other, either picking up or dropping, two factors that make the decision easier is, “Can he pick me up a steal or a homer vs. one guy being either a sole power or speed, and/or does one guy have an extra position he is eligible for?”

  • Chance of Homer or steal > Chance of just a homer or just a Steal
  • Two position eligibility > One position eligibility…der.