#44- Cap F Sports Late Night Edition

Griff and Graham let the tape roll for a bit and talk Grand Theft Auto, living forever and living in a computer simulation.  No power rankings on #capfsports Late Night Editions but stay tuned after the music for some driving tips from Griff.

#43- General Nick “Fleabo Jackson” Wright

Fleaski is back for a couple of beers, a spin around the Mayweather/McGregor thing and he joins his old friend Graham to tackle the #CapFSports power rankings.

This week’s rankings: Destiny, Science and Livestock

Find Nick by typing “Fleaski” into the interwebs and @nomadfleaskiii  on twitter.

#42 – King Boe Christ

King Boe Christ is host of the “I Say That To Say This” Podcast and he joins Graham to talk Mayweather/McGregor, emotional investment in sports and participates in the #CapFSports Power Rankings.

This Episode’s Rankings: Monotheism, Vegetarianism and Silk Worms.

Find King Boe Christ on Twitter @kingboechrist and his Podcast is available on iTunes and at kingboechrist.com