#51- Cubs vs. Sox 2017 with Fleabo Jackson

General Nick “Fleaskiii” Wright joins Graham via Skype to for a couple of beers, a discussion of this year’s Crosstown Cup and the horror of American soccer.  Turns out, the White Sox suck, and so do you.

Podcast also available as a video cast on the Sports With A Capital F YouTube Channel.

Find Nick on the interwebs by typing “Fleaskiii” into an internet portal near you.


#50- The Golden Episode

These two idiots managed to survive each other’s “creative process” long enough to wax nostalgic about their previous attempts at internet infamy, Episode One, Forest Gump’s mom and that time they provoked the sexual advances of a criminally psychotic Alabama man.

Power Rankings: Vanilla, Wave and Cranberry

Thank you for listening.  Podcast concludes with a special musical number featuring the white trash strangler and Episode 1 in its entirety.  You’ve been warned.

-Griff and Graham-

#49- General George A. Romero Memorial Podcast

Graham is devastated by the news of George A. Romero’s passing.  Griff and Graham talk about George Romero’s influence on society, film, pop-culture and Graham’s creativity.  Walking Dead, 28 Day’s Later, #CapFSports… None of it exists without General Romero.  RIP Sir.

#48- Griff’s Fantasy Corner Late Night Edition

Griff hosts a completely non-fantasy related episode of Griff’s Fantasy Corner with guest host Graham.  Could Griff beat up Arron Judge armed with a machete?  Could Graham defeat the leader of the free world in a ninja sword fight?  Is Serena Williams capable of beating Griff in a Ping-Pong match with one of her hands injured?  No, probably and of course.  Tune in to find out why!

Power Rankings: Celery, Ovals and Snowstorms.

#47- McGregor vs. Mayweather Part II

Griff is live in the #CapFSports Studios with Graham to discuss the crescendo of McGregor/Mayweather hype, accessibility of Major League Baseball and Sammy Sosa looks like Ricky Ricardo after being stung to death by bees and embalmed with Pepto Bismol.

This episode’s power rankings: Casserole, Hatchets and Snowstorms.



#46- King Boe Christ

King Boe and Graham set out to make a short “Overtime” segment.  Instead, they discover they are the greatest podcasting duo in recorded history.  Sammy Sosa bleaches his skin and it must be addressed… with many tangents.

King Boe Christ is host of the “I Say That To Say This” Podcast available wherever you consume dope audio.  www.kingboechrist.com

#44- Cap F Sports Late Night Edition

Griff and Graham let the tape roll for a bit and talk Grand Theft Auto, living forever and living in a computer simulation.  No power rankings on #capfsports Late Night Editions but stay tuned after the music for some driving tips from Griff.

#43- General Nick “Fleabo Jackson” Wright

Fleaski is back for a couple of beers, a spin around the Mayweather/McGregor thing and he joins his old friend Graham to tackle the #CapFSports power rankings.

This week’s rankings: Destiny, Science and Livestock

Find Nick by typing “Fleaski” into the interwebs and @nomadfleaskiii  on twitter.

#42 – King Boe Christ

King Boe Christ is host of the “I Say That To Say This” Podcast and he joins Graham to talk Mayweather/McGregor, emotional investment in sports and participates in the #CapFSports Power Rankings.

This Episode’s Rankings: Monotheism, Vegetarianism and Silk Worms.

Find King Boe Christ on Twitter @kingboechrist and his Podcast is available on iTunes and at kingboechrist.com