#63 – General Nick “Fleaskiii” Wright

In America’s most important podcast to date… Graham welcomes future co-host of the Sports With A Capital F podcast and sunglasses enthusiast Fleaskiii.  Together they get to the bottom of NFL week 1, Chicago baseball, reasons to boycott football, the curse of LeBron, the grand NBA conspiracy and everything in between.

#57 – Gen. Jonathan Warren

Businessman, Spartan and recent addition to the cavalcade of guests, General Jonathan Warren, joins Graham to celebrate their fantasy football draft, talk some sh*t and look forward to the NFL season.  Check out the YouTube video for a more immersive experience.

General Warren can be found all about the interwebs as @warrenboi83

#55- Gen. Nick “Fleabo Jackson” Wright

Fleaski joins Graham to take his Cubs/Sox medicine, make some wild predictions regarding Jay Cutler’s 2017 season, talk some Fantasy Football and participate in the #capFsports Power Rankings.  Apologies for the audio quality as the show opens, even Graham has an off day, but everything else is pure comedy gold.

Power Rankings: Crotch, Disaster, Rage