#79 – Graham and Fleaskiii

These two take a stab at listener appreciation, discuss the failings of the Chicago Bears’ ownership, the White Sox sucking, people in Portland being weird about peanuts and farting criminals deserving more lenient sentences.

Power Rankings: Missile, Lounge, Wedding

#78 – Graham’s Sunday Address 11/12/17

Graham has a sit down with the listeners to blither about the death of in-game momentum courtesy of replays and commercials.  Do you HAVE to get it right?  What qualifies as a catch these days?  Is there a point to any of this?

#77 – Graham and Fleaskiii

The boys explore Sammy Sosa’s final transformation, discuss the upcoming Bears/Packers tilt, Graham tells a joke he once told two nuns and they discover that serious isn’t really their thing.

Power Rankings: Lady, Beer, Pianist

The video Flea keeps talking about is available on the new “Podcast Companion Links” page at capfsports.com

#75 – Graham and Fleaskiii

Graham and Fleaskiii meander through a discussion about the Dodgers losing the World Series, The Bears’ Zach Miller getting screwed on a replay that may cost him his career and the Internet’s track record predicting the end of the world.

Power Rankings: Alpenhorn, Drizzle, Contrail


#72 – Día De Los Deportes

Veterans of the Great Chicagoland Egg Wars (1998-2002) reveal the truth in this award winning Halloween special. Also, there once were 2 kids named Grant and Mick that really did not have their lives in order.

Power Rankings: Airship, Jellyfish, Control

*Dedicated to the memory of George A. Romero, architect of dreams and nightmares.*