#134- C02, Parenting & You

I’ve been left to my own devices so you get a mix of General News and general news.  Yoga balls full of poisonous gas kill 2 in Hong Kong, people making people and Kato Kaelin the Brewers fan.  Bonus Track: Soundboard

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#133 – Face Tattoos Blues w/ Fleaski

Another former Co-Host of the now defunct Sports With A Capital F Podcast joins Graham to catch up on reality and his impending fatherhood.  Plus 40,000 year old worms give much cause for concern.

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Do not play fantasy football for money with this man.

#132 – Gender Neutral Preseason

Tony from Pod Caviar is in the house and we ramble about our feelings regarding the NFL preseason, handicapped restrooms making way for the gender neutral and a glorious audio painting Tony recently created for his podcast.

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#131 – Cardiologist Gets Clipped W/ Griff McGriff

Co-Host of the now defunct Sports With A Capital F podcast, Griff McGriff joins me to lament the introduction of work into our leisure time in the form of the NFL’s new “helmet rule” and explore the recent assassination of the former director of the CIA, George H. Bush’s Cardiologist.

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#130 – Sound In Space & Cold From Fire

Tony and I listen to the “sounds” recorded by the Cassini mission to Saturn, discuss the horrifying reality of our insignificance here on Earth and stretch for time until things get dark.

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#129 – The Ballad Of Sgt. Paul Meyer

As Air Force Veterans who served as aircraft mechanics, Tony and I had always heard what we assumed to be an urban myth regarding a mechanic who once stole a C-130 and was subsequently shot down over the English channel.  A recently released BBC investigative piece filled in a lot of the gaps by trying to determine if he crashed or was shot down.  We offer our expert opinions to supplement this work of journalism.

Also, I have a soundboard now and I use it inappropriately during this otherwise somber discussion.

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#128 – Do The Mathis w/ Dr. Gen. Kevin Schmidt

Recorded while in Chicago for the 4th of July, Dr. Gen. Kevin Schmidt joins us live from the Lawndale Brewing Company to discuss the most recent “news” about LeBron, the horrors of the DH in the National League & the recent appearance of one of our associates on an episode of Judge Mathis.

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#127 – It Depends Day

We are joined by Tony from Pod Caviar to ease the transition between celebrating the birth of America to the reality of getting back to work.

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#126 – Remember To Blither

So I don’t forget to keep doing this, I talk about my upcoming feature film acting debut, lament the poor quality of my show notes and use a call to the hotline to uncover the connection between all of the world’s sociopolitical turmoil and Major League Baseball’s attempt to install the Designated Hitter in the National League.

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#125 – With Apologies To Mr. Fleaskiii

Fleaskiii returns via the One Graham Army Hotline to discuss Graham’s manic dismissal of the Sports With A Capital F podcast, his impending fatherhood and listen to Graham’s rant about being told to sit down at a baseball game.