#106 – Graham’s Sunday Address 3/11/2018

Listeners demand an update from Brandon regarding his recent trauma and a caller is livid about folks who believe Sunday is the first day of the week.

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#105 – Conspiracy And Spooky Music

We finally got an e-mail from a person (or persons) and it’s a doozy.  Some entity called the War On Politics is positing that Donald Trump’s recent pivot on gun control is part of a larger conspiracy by a clandestine global government to enact mass disarmament.  Duh!

Power Rankings: Tic, Dancer, Hovel

#103 – Graham and Fleaskiii

Graham has to shower before he eats steak which sounds stranger than it is, Olympic curling is somehow rocked by a steroid scandal, the Baseball commissioner clearly hates us all plus a shocking revelation about Fleaskiii’s dodgy past.

Power Rankings: Bud, Spelling, Time

#102 – Graham’s Sunday Address 2/19/2018

Fergie is the common enemy America needs to reunite the population, Sammy Sosa is the Dominican Walker Texas Ranger, some important calls from the hotline and a woman in Indiana escapes from trouble using her number 2 option.

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#101 – I Am (Not) A Role Model

Graham fields calls from listeners resulting in an unusual amount of NBA talk laced with conspiracy theory, LeBron’s “Legacy” and some advice about podcasting from a guy who has a podcast.

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#100 – Charlie “Possum” Walden

Charlie Walden is the creator of the creator of the Sports With A Capital F podcast, a champion fiddle player and flatulent.  He joins Graham to celebrate 100 episodes.

Find all things Patt and Possum Music at www.charliewalden.com and @mofiddler.

Power Rankings: Fish Monger, Steam, Ranch

#99 – Listener Interaction 101

The LeBron Cavaliers are getting a new look that may save us from the possibility of parity in the NBA, something stinks over in the MLB and Graham fields some calls from the CapFSports Hotline.  Dinner plans, surviving trauma, the death of outrage culture, the robot take over and the inherent ambiguity of calling some models plus size.

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