#162 – Charlie “Possum” Walden

The creator of the creator of this podcast joins me to discuss a wide range of topics including MLB rule changes that nobody asked for, Jerry “Stonewall” Lewis and why Cardinals fans are so atrocious.

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#160 – Juan Six Tee

Tony and I sit down for a discussion that is fraught with portent.  I’m aging poorly, Pollen is fallout, effective heckling keeps the lower leagues alive and Kelly does Cosby.

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#159 – Tarantulas and Tall Buildings

Tony and I record on a Saturday and it confuses us.  We check out some big ass spiders, some obvious science and discuss the finer points of tricking women into getting eaten by bears.  Also, I’m not done with the farting preacher and as such we close with a tribute to one of the greatest American musicians and the man responsible for introducing me to the awesome power of fart humor.

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#158 – PETA Against Goodness And Normalcy

This week we take aim against some of the news cycle’s biggest P.A.G.A.N.s (People Against Goodness And Normalcy)  Jussie Smollett, PETA, Robert “Pastor Gas” Tilton and the NFL.  Also, I’m all in on the AAF so prepare to hear about it, a lot.

Connect The Dots: Cantaloupe, Tortoise, Tragedy

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#157- Gucci: C’mon Mane

About last week.  Also, new podcast producer Mike is here to fall on any future grenades, the new AAF may not usurp the NFL but something is better than nothing, racist $900 shirts and a call to the hotline reignites the lingering questions about El Chapo’s fate.

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#156 – El Chapo & The Greasy Tunnels

As Chapo’s trial heads to deliberation, Tony and I examine the “revelations” related to the trial and the frivolity of the war on drugs.  Also, we learn about an “old penitentiary trick”.


Connect The Dots: Dependent, King, Resident


#155 – Cathartic Algorithms

This week’s episode was constructed in its entirety using sound bites from previous podcasts, phonetic diphthong replication and Artificial Intelligence.

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#154- Moon Tomatoes

Human endeavors are in full focus this week as Tony and I explore the obvious results of putting stereo equipment in the desert and growing plants on the moon.

Connect The Dots: Burn, Disarmament, Trees

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