#148 – Flat Screen Crossover

What the hell are you people doing with all of the flat screen TV’s you buy?  Will we recognize the version of intelligence that emerges from AI?  Tony and I get to the bottom of these and many other pressing issues on this special crossover episode.

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#147 – Plastique Spaghetti

I’m kind of burnt out this weekend from grinding away at the upcoming Christmas Special so Tony from Pod Caviar comes in and bails me out with some fantastic news straight out of America’s wang (see Florida).

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#146 – Fill That Bag Up (Hold The Turkey)

Your family will be arguing about politics but you will be wisely spending a chunk of Thanksgiving with us as we denigrate turkey and give thanks for a small arm robbery that was recently caught on tape.

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#145- Nerd Boner

Tony and I go full nerd as I explore my obsession with Red Dead Redemption II, where it leaves us en route to “the simulation” and the mention of slam poetry gets our blood boiling.

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#144- ATB- Killing Me Inside Science Mix (I’m Crashing)

I’m losing.

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#143- VA Benefits On A Stick

Having just finished a very dark episode of Pod Caviar, Tony and I tried to lighten the mood with some frivolous banter by celebrating the anniversary of the Cubs winning it all.  Instead, this episode became a scathing indictment of the Veterans Administration and the Department of Defense.

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Bonus Episode: Pod Caviar/Hurricane Warning

On this special bonus episode, Graham updates everyone on the impending hurricane and presents an episode of Pod Caviar in which Tony and Graham essentially solve the long standing mystery of the Dyatlov Pass incident.

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#140- Pill Cosby

Tony and Graham efficiently eviscerate the weeks current events.  Some not-so-current events find themselves reconstructed under the onslaught of podcasting excellence that is this episode.

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