#115 – Modern Medicine w/ Fleaskiii

A frank and unflinching look at the use of cannabis and hemp derivatives in professional sports.  This award winning episode includes never before heard speculation about the effects of opioid pain killers vs. plant based medicine, booze vs. society and Dock Ellis vs. reality.

Please enjoy your holiday responsibly.

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#114 – Caviar Crossover w/ Tony Wall

Someone needs to tell spring it’s baseball season, those “other” podcasts, and any idiot with a tablet could be the next great NFL coach.

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#112 – The Great Miami Standing Up Standoff

Graham has returned from a trip to Marlins Park with some wonderful memories and a couple of lessons for us all.  A call to the hotline underscores the importance of never leaving early, appropriate times to stand and a guy with nothing to live for thinks we’re all cowboys.

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#110 – Sunday(ish) Address 3/26/18

The glory of the guilt free bandwagoning that comes along with the NCAA Tournament, Opening Day excitement/predictions, travel updates and we revisit the greatest call to the hotline to date.

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#109 – The “F” Stands For Fun

Fleaskiii responds to his brother’s recent interactions with an ancient pervert, the Chicago Bears are gearing up for something familiar while Loyola represents for the North Side and the French are fighting against the inevitable emergence of robotic cat houses.

Power Rankings: Premeditation, Husband, Spaghetti

#108 – Green Rivers Of Trauma w/ Tony Wall

Host of Podcaviar, Tony Wall joins Graham to both lament and celebrate the conclusion of St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  An update from listener Brandon on his terrifying encounter with a centenarian pervert, the non-causal relationship between success and eccentricity and a revelation about the developing global computer consciousness.  Check out Episode 6 of Podcaviar and hear Graham and Tony expand on the inevitability of A.I. and what it means for humanity.

#107 – March Sadness

Fleaskiii joins Graham to reminds us that it’s MLS awareness month, NCAA athletes are still getting f**ked, a tale of two t-shirts and baseball trying to destroy itself through rule changes.

Power Rankings: Treason, Conspiracy, Fiend

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#106 – Graham’s Sunday Address 3/11/2018

Listeners demand an update from Brandon regarding his recent trauma and a caller is livid about folks who believe Sunday is the first day of the week.

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