#186 – Cage The Nicholas

I’m back from Miami and in the MST with Tony to discuss pooing with a stool, check out a Nazi theme park, watch a train wreck of a movie trailer sent in by Dr. Kevin Schmidt and learn about the “hirony off da negro pahlice mahn”

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#185 – Charlie “Possum” Walden (& Macy)

My old man is back in the ministry of silly talk for a quick (family friendly) episode in which he proves he is the master of deciphering accents and we take a look at some brutal British cuisine.  Also, my daughter sits in to hear the commercial she recorded and play us out with some rubber chicken music.

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#184 – No Fun League

The NFL is back… I might not care.  Tony and I kick around unsubstantiated theories about what is killing the NFL and a discuss a possible solution involving little people and camels.  Don’t bring your kids.


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#183 – Labor Day Safety Briefing

In honor of Labor Day and laborers, Tony and I discuss the importance of labor laws and work place safety practices with some help from Klaus the Forklift Driver & a host of graphic workplace safety videos.




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#182 – Stay Out Of The Water

Andrew Luck has made a powerful enemy in former RB OJ Simpson, a man is caught making sweet love to a beach ball and battle lines are being drawn in humanity’s war against dolphins.  Don’t get caught on the wrong side of history, folks.

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#181 – Retro Regressions Vol 1

In hopes of keeping listeners from haphazardly stumbling onto old content I will be curating classic episodes to be rebroadcast a couple of times a month along with a brief update on the state of the podcast.

This inaugural installment features a classic response to a report from Shantell’s older sister about an EMP attack the government was planning in November of 2017.  Did this report thwart the government’s evil plans or is this just crazy internet bullsh*t?  You decide.

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#180 – Face Tats and Pet Rats

Humans grooming rats in Baltimore, shaving cream penguins and we take a look the poster child for hugging your daughters and keeping them off social media.

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#179 – Siri & The Cooler Of Wangs

Great band names galore as we learn about the human build a bear lab in AZ, Siri starts recording when she hears your zipper and grandma got run over by a reindeer… but only if by run over you mean blown up and by reindeer you mean the US Army.

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#178 – Tip Toes

I unveil a fool proof & guaranteed solution to climate change that doesn’t involve plagiarizing Bill Burr.  I also expose Tony to the GREATEST FILM TRAILER OF ALL TIME.

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#177 – One Giant Bleep For Mankind

We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing by running down the impact of humanity’s greatest achievement both on our everyday lives and the more abstract consequences of the event.

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