#234 – Spicy Noods and Nintendo Rudes

Once again this is just the audio from my last live stream available on YouTube.  Still a pretty good time enjoying the rudest of employee training videos where instead of berating you, Nintendo wants you to know that the customer is always dumb.


#233 – Expensive Hobbies w/ Adam Mitchell

Adam joins me via the One Graham Army hotline to catch up a bit.  Lots of laughs, self diagnosis and the cost of living that pew pew life.

Text or Call 847-665-9238 and leave a message.

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#232- Podcaviar: The Lost Tapes

Tony has rebooted Podcaviar out in L.A. and to celebrate I’m brining you the lost final episode of Podcaviar ever recorded at the ministry of silly talk.  Recorded in January of 2020 nobody could have guessed how things would play out so it makes for a fun listen.  Plus we are trashed.

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#231 – Hardee’s, Chicken and Beer LIVE!

Thanks to everyone who has been joining us over at twitch.tv/onegrahamarmy for the live streams.  This is the audio from the last stream in which we experience the passive aggressive training techniques for Hardee’s employees and I drink beer and eat fried chicken.  Enjoy!

Dial 847-665-9238 and tell me something good

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#230 – Buster Sales *Live*

I will do normal podcasts for audio listeners again soon but since I am creating the content it seems only right to post the audio for you guys.  Check out this latest installment of retro training videos where a young woman is haunted by a condescending poltergeist who helps her learn how to more effectively rent blockbuster videos.

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#229 – Grill Skills **Live**

This is the audio from a recent live stream I did at twitch.tv/onegrahamarmy where we watched a young man have a psychotic break during which he learns to make Wendy’s burgers with the help of a rapping grill master.  Subscribe to the twitch stream and never miss a stream.

The episode is very video heavy so you may want to check it out on the OGA YouTube channel.

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#228 – Scott Barnhart of Babblin’ & Dabblin’

Scott turns out to be a proper OGA General and a great guest.  We chat about all manner of things and still managed to leave some stuff on the table for next time.  Enjoy!

Check out Babblin’ & Dabblin’ wherever you get podcasts.

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#227 – Camdon Hill of Babblin’ & Dabblin’

Camdon Hill is the co-host of the Babblin’ & Dabblin’ podcast, available where you get ’em.  This is the most inspirational interview in the podcast’s history.

Ok, it’s mostly about being sad while trying to make people laugh and hot poops but it’s very funny and I dig a terrible segment out of the crates.

Check out Babblin’ & Dabblin’ where you get podcasts and follow them @babblindabblin on all social media platforms.

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#226 – Send Noods

This episode is the audio from my appearance on my sister’s twitch stream where we ate some VERY spicy noodles and try to do a podcast at the same time.

Follow her at twitch.tv/creepypaper1

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#225 – Shake, Rattle and Scroll

Tony can add Earthquakes to the list of awesome things that have happened since he moved to L.A. but first I blither about the passing of Wilford Brimley and retire a drop from the soundboard.  Also we talk shirts, dolphin dangers and better luck next year.

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