#213 – All Day Breakfast Fail

Adam joins me on his way to his essential workplace.  We discuss great (and not so great) science fiction and we find out that McDonald is no longer offering all day breakfast at the worst possible time.

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Be safe!

#212 – Talk About Anything Else w/ Tony Baltimore

In the spirit of talking about literally anything else, Tony and I compare and contrast the good the bad and the ugly of Star Trek TOS, TNG, DS9 and VOY.  Everyone has a take on what is happening right now so we owe you some good old mindless entertainment.  Stay home if you can.  If not, please be safe.

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#211 – Tony Baltimore

Audio quality improvement on this one since I can simultaneously record the live stream and a podcast quality audio file.  Tony and I try to not talk about the only thing there is to talk about and end up talking about it anyway.  After this if I can’t find something nice to talk about I’m not going to talk about anything at all.

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#210 – Mr Fleabo Jackson

A live stream conversation with OGA OG Fleaskiii. Flea works in the service industry which has been especially hard hit. We check in on each other, crack some jokes and Flea runs down what he’s doing now to put together the pieces.

Please stay inside if you can, wash your hands and be kind to your neighbors.

Apologies for the audio as it was ripped from the live stream. I’m getting there while learning how this live streaming thing works.

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#209 – Live Jive (For Real This Time)

You guys and gal made this one possible and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your calls to the hotline to help keep from bouncing off the walls.  After this episode I will stop mentioning the quarantine because, we get it.  Lets have some fun and hit me up at 847-665-9238 and leave a message until I figure out how to take live calls.

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An humongous General’s salute to Tony, BeBe, Lou Sassoles, Rugged Rus and everyone who has ever called in or even attempted to listen to the show.

#208 – Slow News Day

Adam and his old lady stop by to talk about stuff.  Not much going on so we just kinda try to riff on whatever we can come up with.  Hopefully something of interest will happen soon, because all of this uninterrupted normal life is getting boring.

Dial 847-665-9238 and tell me why so many people aren’t coming outside and I’m wiping my ass with my kids old artwork, I’m confused.

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#207 – Live From The Thunderdome

The last episode was a sick guy blithering followed by a re-run.  Sorry about that.  This episode is an asymptomatic guy blithering in an all new episode.  I’ve got some cold medicine induced speculation for you here and since the mandatory quarantine’s are imminent, expect more frequent updates from the bunker.

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#206 – Retro Regressions: Volume III

I have a cold from going to space camp and Adam is sick too.  So I power through recent events and bless you with a retro episode that centers around a fun interaction I had at a baseball game and considering public gatherings will soon be outlawed, its pretty damn relevant.

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#205- Artist Brandon Treadaway

Brandon and I served together and we both have an interest in creating art.  Unlike me, he has some insane talent.  We sat down to discuss his art, reminisce about those formative years we spent in the military and talk boxing.  Buy his phenomenal artwork and follow him on IG @bway_art_ and on Facebook at BwayArt.

Visit his eBay store:  ebay.com/usr/bjizzle161616

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#204 – Your Mom Can DM Me

Adam and I sit down to discuss the most cringe worthy celebrity support video for the bullying victim in Australia, soundboard history, OG OGA music, steamed hams and Irish Guacamole.

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