#167 – Cultural Inappropriation

Feliz Cindo De Mayo.  Tony and I use the occasion to blither about cultural appropriation, celebrate Mexican culture and watch a cat destroy an obnoxious girlfriend.

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#166 – James Warner

James Warner is a former Jehovah’s Witness.  In a break from our usual silliness, he joins me to discuss some of the fundamental flaws and inevitable abuses of power that come along with exploiting people’s faith for earthly gains.  I would like to extend a special thanks to James for allowing us to share in his personal experiences and opening my eyes to the scandals that are slowly being exposed.

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#165 – Cringe Much Vacation

I return from taking a week off to further discuss Florida’s dinosaur problem, allying with the penguins, walking back our cynicism surrounding the black hole pictures and catch up on the goings on here at the ministry of silly talk.

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#164 – Rusty Shackleford

Tony and I discuss the glorious (yet hacky) nature of using “Florida Man” headlines to fill podcast time and accidentally find out about Kentucky Man’s dark exploits.  Plus a discussion about the future of space travel, pictures of black holes and the horrors of robotics.

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#162 – Charlie “Possum” Walden

The creator of the creator of this podcast joins me to discuss a wide range of topics including MLB rule changes that nobody asked for, Jerry “Stonewall” Lewis and why Cardinals fans are so atrocious.

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#160 – Juan Six Tee

Tony and I sit down for a discussion that is fraught with portent.  I’m aging poorly, Pollen is fallout, effective heckling keeps the lower leagues alive and Kelly does Cosby.

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#159 – Tarantulas and Tall Buildings

Tony and I record on a Saturday and it confuses us.  We check out some big ass spiders, some obvious science and discuss the finer points of tricking women into getting eaten by bears.  Also, I’m not done with the farting preacher and as such we close with a tribute to one of the greatest American musicians and the man responsible for introducing me to the awesome power of fart humor.

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#158 – PETA Against Goodness And Normalcy

This week we take aim against some of the news cycle’s biggest P.A.G.A.N.s (People Against Goodness And Normalcy)  Jussie Smollett, PETA, Robert “Pastor Gas” Tilton and the NFL.  Also, I’m all in on the AAF so prepare to hear about it, a lot.

Connect The Dots: Cantaloupe, Tortoise, Tragedy

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