#204 – Your Mom Can DM Me

Adam and I sit down to discuss the most cringe worthy celebrity support video for the bullying victim in Australia, soundboard history, OG OGA music, steamed hams and Irish Guacamole.

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#203 – Grand Theft Dolphin

Some clarification regarding the “this is for Rachel” guy.  We also catch up with Tony out in LA and get his thoughts regarding the recent spate of dolphin murders in Florida, find out if GTA 5 has helped him navigate the city and he tells a story about the creepiest Uber ride in recorded history.  Stay tuned after the episode for some more exclusive music.

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#202 – Darth Lopez

Some lady named Rachel is in big trouble, nanobots made from frog DNA are coming, some great calls to the hotline (including some advice on more athletic pooping styles) and Star Wars Mad Libs.

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#201 – The Departed x The Muppets

Martin Scorsese’s The Departed becomes less silly when you subtract the cast and add Muppets, if you hear this show and live in Georgia you could win free booze and Graham digs up one of his greatest musical creations.

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#200 – The Reboot

This numerical milestone also comes with the unique challenge of evolving the podcast with the help of a new co-host, Adam.  Keep those videos and calls to the hotline coming and bear with us as we dive into yet another iteration of the podcast.  Thanks for coming along for the ride, in advance.

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#199 – Take A Bow, General

Tony is moving to Los Angeles to further his career and we’re all super proud of him.  In what may be our last in-person podcast we stroll down memory lane from his earliest appearances on the show to his long run as my co-host.  This is a fantastic opportunity for General Baltimore but I’m gunna miss my buddy, dammit.

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#198 – Norwegian Butter Heist

X-Mas is over but we keep bringing the gifts.  A new workout option for couples has us excited about 2020, a person from Norway needs your butter and the most obnoxious Christmas toy of all time finds it’s way into the Ministry Of Silly Talk.  Also, big shout out to Lou Sassoles for hitting the hotline and to our Patrons Ross Plunkett & Mark Tanner.

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#197 – Griff McGriff

Griff is in the house!  We talk about microphone discipline, hysterical accents, robot cops, and Jerry Lewis the gangster.  Warning: This episode contains irresponsible use of the soundboard.

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#196 – Bumpy Road To Coo Coo Town

Tony and I breakdown another viral prediction about the collapse of society, the intolerant robots of the Boston PD and a holiday phone conversation with Original General, Fleaskiii.

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