#44- Cap F Sports Late Night Edition

Griff and Graham let the tape roll for a bit and talk Grand Theft Auto, living forever and living in a computer simulation.  No power rankings on #capfsports Late Night Editions but stay tuned after the music for some driving tips from Griff.

#43- General Nick “Fleabo Jackson” Wright

Fleaski is back for a couple of beers, a spin around the Mayweather/McGregor thing and he joins his old friend Graham to tackle the #CapFSports power rankings.

This week’s rankings: Destiny, Science and Livestock

Find Nick by typing “Fleaski” into the interwebs and @nomadfleaskiii  on twitter.

#42 – King Boe Christ

King Boe Christ is host of the “I Say That To Say This” Podcast and he joins Graham to talk Mayweather/McGregor, emotional investment in sports and participates in the #CapFSports Power Rankings.

This Episode’s Rankings: Monotheism, Vegetarianism and Silk Worms.

Find King Boe Christ on Twitter @kingboechrist and his Podcast is available on iTunes and at kingboechrist.com

Atlanta Hawks trade Howard: Don’t Let the Door Catch Your Cape!

Photo: Natalie Behring

With a collective sigh of relief, Atlanta Hawks fans bid farewell to Dwight Howard this week. Dwight Howard was a huge disappointment this season and spent the biggest moments of the Atlanta Hawk’s miserable playoff appearance on the bench. The star center, formally known as “Superman”, also managed to make headlines after being cited for speeding, no registration, and no insurance in the wee hours of the same day as the Hawk’s playoff elimination game.

In the weeks leading up to the trade, Howard, who has made 5 three pointers his entire career, claimed he was working on his three-point shooting and perimeter game this summer. Dwight Howard is 6’11, 265 pounds and, thankfully, a Charlotte Hornet now.

wRITTEN BY Olly Tabugger
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