#75 – Graham and Fleaskiii

Graham and Fleaskiii meander through a discussion about the Dodgers losing the World Series, The Bears’ Zach Miller getting screwed on a replay that may cost him his career and the Internet’s track record predicting the end of the world.

Power Rankings: Alpenhorn, Drizzle, Contrail


#72 – Día De Los Deportes

Veterans of the Great Chicagoland Egg Wars (1998-2002) reveal the truth in this award winning Halloween special. Also, there once were 2 kids named Grant and Mick that really did not have their lives in order.

Power Rankings: Airship, Jellyfish, Control

*Dedicated to the memory of George A. Romero, architect of dreams and nightmares.*

#68 – Personnel Changes w/ Fleaskiii

Due to an unfortunate but inevitable injury suffered by Griff in a truck stop restroom, Graham introduces show regular General Nick “Fleaskiii” Wright as the new co-host of the Sports With A Capital F Podcast.  Great things are coming, and they all start here.

Power Rankings: Mosquito, Wheel, Quarts