#194 – Marriage Shaves Lives

For the first time ever, the military may save kids from making the biggest contractual mistake of their lives, I accidentally removed 25% of my face and clapping is violence.  Also, a retrospective on the hilarious 90’s comedy classic, Sling Blade.

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#193 – Retro Regressions Vol 2

Episode 200 is looming. I have some ideas of what to do to mark the event but I am open to suggestions from the listeners. Then we travel all the way back to 2017 when I thoughtfully articulated my take on the most pressing issues of the day.

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#192 – Candy Induced Diabetuhs

Will Halloween candy gives you diabetuhs?  Can any word, if repeated enough, be funny?  How many Chinese hit men does it take to a kill businessman?  Is this podcast offensive or are you worried about the wrong things?

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#191 – Treats For Tricks

I’m actually done traveling for a bit and we are up and running to bring you the audio equivalent of candy corn.  Rats are driving, blenders are flying and someone is lying.  Plus some sick organ work by yours truly.

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#190 – The NBA On Xi N.T.

I’ve been traveling too much and I don’t know what time it is.  The following things are not working for me: The NBA, Communism and Whiskey Tide Pods.  Enjoy!

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#188 – Robots: You’ll Accept Them

With the announcement that Boston Dynamics has released “spot” for the commercial market, Tony and I walk down what is coming and why you won’t do anything about it.

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#187 – Lock, Loo & Two Sultry Sodas

The heist of a golden toilet inspires the next great British Gangster/Larry The Cable Guy film, an All-Pro goes All-Poot, Quantum mechanics tells us that sex and soda are interchangeable and I remix an iconic West Coast Gangster track.

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#186 – Cage The Nicholas

I’m back from Miami and in the MST with Tony to discuss pooing with a stool, check out a Nazi theme park, watch a train wreck of a movie trailer sent in by Dr. Kevin Schmidt and learn about the “hirony off da negro pahlice mahn”

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#185 – Charlie “Possum” Walden (& Macy)

My old man is back in the ministry of silly talk for a quick (family friendly) episode in which he proves he is the master of deciphering accents and we take a look at some brutal British cuisine.  Also, my daughter sits in to hear the commercial she recorded and play us out with some rubber chicken music.

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