#171 – Blah Blah Whack Tweet

According to Outrage Twitter I am a racist homophobic piece of sh*t.  It’s news to me and Tony so I put on a pink shirt and discuss what bunched all the panties.  Shout out to Matt Snyder from CBS sports whose innocuous tweet about baseball brought all the noise to the yard.

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#170 – Griff McGrifff*

Guess who’s back?  Back again.  Guess who’s back?  He’s not thin.

Griff returns to the Podcast to foster some measured and intellectual dialogue regarding society’s most pressing issues.

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*The Extra F is for Extra Fat

#169 – National BBQ Day: The Musical

Tony and I encourage you to not feel guilty, the horror of holiday destination vacations, I “borrow” my daughters electric keyboard and we compose some chart topping music of yesteryear.

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#168 – Circle Jerks

We run down the little known history of Mother’s Day, the greatest circle game prank EVER causes much saltiness in the Cubs front office, George Brett’s pants and the white dudes anthem.

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#167 – Cultural Inappropriation

Feliz Cindo De Mayo.  Tony and I use the occasion to blither about cultural appropriation, celebrate Mexican culture and watch a cat destroy an obnoxious girlfriend.

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#166 – James Warner

James Warner is a former Jehovah’s Witness.  In a break from our usual silliness, he joins me to discuss some of the fundamental flaws and inevitable abuses of power that come along with exploiting people’s faith for earthly gains.  I would like to extend a special thanks to James for allowing us to share in his personal experiences and opening my eyes to the scandals that are slowly being exposed.

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#165 – Cringe Much Vacation

I return from taking a week off to further discuss Florida’s dinosaur problem, allying with the penguins, walking back our cynicism surrounding the black hole pictures and catch up on the goings on here at the ministry of silly talk.

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#164 – Rusty Shackleford

Tony and I discuss the glorious (yet hacky) nature of using “Florida Man” headlines to fill podcast time and accidentally find out about Kentucky Man’s dark exploits.  Plus a discussion about the future of space travel, pictures of black holes and the horrors of robotics.

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