#158 – PETA Against Goodness And Normalcy

This week we take aim against some of the news cycle’s biggest P.A.G.A.N.s (People Against Goodness And Normalcy)  Jussie Smollett, PETA, Robert “Pastor Gas” Tilton and the NFL.  Also, I’m all in on the AAF so prepare to hear about it, a lot.

Connect The Dots: Cantaloupe, Tortoise, Tragedy

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#157- Gucci: C’mon Mane

About last week.  Also, new podcast producer Mike is here to fall on any future grenades, the new AAF may not usurp the NFL but something is better than nothing, racist $900 shirts and a call to the hotline reignites the lingering questions about El Chapo’s fate.

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#156 – El Chapo & The Greasy Tunnels

As Chapo’s trial heads to deliberation, Tony and I examine the “revelations” related to the trial and the frivolity of the war on drugs.  Also, we learn about an “old penitentiary trick”.


Connect The Dots: Dependent, King, Resident


#155 – Cathartic Algorithms

This week’s episode was constructed in its entirety using sound bites from previous podcasts, phonetic diphthong replication and Artificial Intelligence.

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#154- Moon Tomatoes

Human endeavors are in full focus this week as Tony and I explore the obvious results of putting stereo equipment in the desert and growing plants on the moon.

Connect The Dots: Burn, Disarmament, Trees

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#152 – D.A.R.E. To Cure AIDS

Back from the mini holiday break, Tony and I discuss some disastrous New Years Eves of the past, reminisce on how effective D.A.R.E. was at making kids super curious about drugs and we lay the ground work for curing AIDS.

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2018 Year In Review: 2018

A look back at the evolution of the podcast over the previous year, a special thanks to all of the callers and guests, a look forward to what I’m probably not going to do in 2019 and the internet has some funny ideas about what “captivated” us in 2018.

Special thanks to: Fleaskiii, Dr. Kevin Schmidt, King Boe Christ, G-$tak, T-Flizzy, Jesse Walden, Possum Walden, Gator, Griff, Briana, Brandon Wright, Dan LaMorte, Lou Sassoles, Noah Fichter, Shani and Rick, Tony Baltimore/Pod Caviar, and all to you for making all of the laughs and bad jokes work this year.

Have a safe and happy New Year!


#150 – Holiday Party Podcast

As I was in the midst of hosting the holiday party of the century, Tony and I sat down to record an episode that I think is about can openers or something.  Happy Holidays!

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The One Graham Army Christmas Spectacular Part I

The definitive podcast holiday special is here and we’re breaking down the best and worse in yuletide activities, movies and music.

Featuring: King Boe Christ, Fleaskiii, Dr. Kevin Schmidt, G-$tak & Tony Baltimore!

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Special Musical Guest: Jesse Walden

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