The One Graham Army Hall of Generals

Here you will find members of the illustrious and highly coveted fraternity known as the Generals Social Club and Boozery.  A group comprised of men and women brave enough to appear on the One Graham Army Podcast (formerly Sports With A Capital F), contributors to the One Graham Army Media Empire and world figures determined worthy of induction by existing Generals and our listeners.


General Booze McKenzie– Founder and Host of the Sports With A Capital F / One Graham Army Podcast

General Griff McGriff– Co-Founder and off again/on again co-host of the Sports With A Capital F Podcast

General Fleabo “Fleaskiii” Jackson- The enthusiastic and clutch co-host of the Sports With A Capital F Podcast

General Dabs McMoonrocks- A general among generals and podcast guest.

General Turkey Von Bernielean– Sister of General Booze McKenzie and occasional podcast guest.

General Crash McDitch- Podcast guest, Panthers fan and terrible driver.

General Scotch Von Science- Podcast guest and destroyer of reality

General King Boe Christ- Host of the “I Say That To Say This” Podcast, noted  twitter personality and repeat guest on the Sports With A Capital F Podcast.  Follow General Christ on twitter @KingBoeChrist

General Not Having It- Tony is a regular guest on the podcast, fashion designer, and now host of his own podcast “Podcaviar”.  Follow this General @nothavingit and cop next level shirts at

General Possum H. Walden- Possum is the creator of the creator of the One Graham Army podcast and a champion fiddle player.  Find all things Possum at and follow him @mofiddler


General T. Flizzy- A Chicago based MC and long time associate of Graham’s.  First Podcast appearance on Episode 123.  Follow Flizzy and the rest of the Hippie Gang on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. @T_Flizzy